Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Six Pence

Six Pence personal finance manager

Your Complete Financial Solution in your pocket.
Six Pence Money Manager is an application for recording your day to day expenses. With it you can:

1. Create/Delete/Maintain multiple accounts
2. Create Budget for upto 6 months in future
3. Quick create budget with predefined budget entries
4. Use reports to see graphical representation of Expense and Income Data against budgeted value.
5. Use your own preferred currency
7. Edit/Create Expense and Income Categories and Subcategories
8. And of course, record Expenses.

Known Issues:
1. The Charting feature can be a bit slow, and may not display proper colours, depending on Webkit Version of the browser on your device.
In Some devices, the charts are not generated at all.

Android app on Google Play

Screen Shots:

Released Versions Beta Release Notes:
Initial Release Beta Release Notes:
1. Decimal Position Issue when adding new transactions fixed
2. Extended support for smaller screen devices like Xperia Mini phones. Beta Release Notes:
1. Application Crash issue while editing and existing budget entry fixed. Beta Release Notes:
1. Budget actual expenses shows 0.00 when the sub_category='ALL' issue fixed.

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